I've worked with various student engagement offices that recognized the need for a fresh and cohesive visual identity to enhance student engagement and communication. Eager to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, the offices embarked on an art direction project to revitalize its visual presence and better connect with the diverse student body.
The primary goal of the project was to establish a compelling and consistent visual identity that reflected the dynamic nature of student life and resonated with a broad range of students. The project aimed to improve communication, increase participation in campus events, and foster a sense of belonging among the student community.
The new art direction was implemented across key student engagement campaigns and initiatives. Whether promoting campus events, clubs, or academic resources, the cohesive visual identity provided a recognizable and inviting presence, encouraging student participation and interaction.
Recognizing the importance of digital communication, the art direction was seamlessly integrated into each of the university's digital platforms, including the website, social media profiles, and email communications. Custom graphics, animations, and interactive elements were designed to enhance the online experience.
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