I design a lot of items. I try to feed my creativity and nerd soul as much as possible. My interest in comics, anime and just all things geek culture have supplied my creativity with an endless amount of ideas and solutions to my approach to design. I consider myself an artist rather than a designer still, as that is my background. Graduated with a Bachelor of Art and minor in Art History, my tools then were just pencil, pens and charcoal. Now I incorporate them in my brainstorming and research phases of projects. I’ve been creating digitally for the past nine years.

During this time, I’ve assisted entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, schools, youth programs, inventors, chefs, athletes, pretty much every field at this point. When I’m not assisting those mentioned, I’m an in-house graphic designer for Florida International University’s Campus Life office. I approach every project as an accolade towards my “design perk tree,” perfecting each craft to become more efficient. So the title Digital Craftsman was adopted. You bring the problem, we develop a solution. I’m Jason to your Zordon. Leonardo to Master Splinter. Don’t get it? No? I’m Hermione to your Harry. Still? You’re the nail, I’m the hammer.