Level 60 | Normal/Fire  |  Illustration/Print Design/Brand-Identity/Web Design

I’ve been an artist since kindergarten. Yes, kindergarten. I have a “President of the United States” drawing to prove it. What started out as me imitating my older brother’s drawings, turned into a passion of mine that I couldn’t shake. My beginnings were drawing my classmates favorite cartoon character for their door sign. The choice of subjects at that time were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers (should’ve seen my face during that collaboration episode). Those interests among others have continued with me along this path and have fueled my creativity. I wouldn’t use a mouse for designing until my sophomore year of undergrad. Flyers were my way to get started, but would eventually be a gateway project to everything I do today. I’ve assisted entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, universities, youth programs, inventors, chefs, athletes, and pretty much every other field of occupants at this this point. Every project is approached with a mindset of crafting my abilities, adding accolades to my design perk tree or list of skills.


  • Skyrim

  • Black Ops 4

  • Pokemon Black

  • Ocarina of Time


  • Fairytail

  • The Office

  • Game of Thrones

  • Blue Planet II


  • The Fountainhead

  • Burn Your Portfolio

  • Between the World and Me

  • Invisible Man