Project Description


The Interfraternity Council consists of 10-15 fraternities on the campus of FIU. A collection of various fraternities apart of a nation council but vary pending on the organization. Recruitment is the pinnacle of their organizations as they are in abundance in regards to presence and activities. Recruitment happens at the start of the semester where energy is high and involvement has also been documented at its highest. Every semester a theme is chosen, the World Cup was chosen for the semester’s identity. Along with the buzzing of a new semester, the World Cup was in every aspect of our lives at the time; every commercial, ad or business was using it as a premise for their marketing and promotional campaigns.

I chose to transform the World Cup trophy into the IFC World cup, using the same color palette but change the center of the design. Pantherize, basically. The rest of the marketing design used graphics similar to the official World Cup marketing to grab the attention of the students and potential new members of the organizations. Print collateral and web graphics were created for the campaign.