Treat Yo’ Self

Social media is a gift and a curse at times. The gift is being exposed to individuals, skills, occupations, etc. that you may or may not ever meet without it. The curse is the negative effects it has one's self-esteem and other aspects of their mental. Too much of anything is bad, right? Well too much social media can be detrimental to your creativity and productivity. Due to it being a normal component of the average citizen, its not viewed as such. For creatives on the other hand, too much of watching other creatives will stall your own creating. [...]

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With Our Powers Combined

Captain Planet and Power Rangers are a couple of shows on my all-time television list. Every week, a new obstacle to hurdle was presented before the groups. The most important aspect I learned about each show was camaraderie. The two factions would approach the task together, each person contributing their strengths to the situation. Leading up to them discovering themselves and powers, they would soon come to understand how they needed each other. Attempting to face the problem individually resulted in failed attempts. I use these shows and their characters as framework for my approach to the creative world. Not [...]

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